Standing Tall With Jenny

Jenny Lane, standing on tiptoes in the studio by Harrison Marks. Another shot of Jenny from a number of different shoots she did with GHM, this particular set being shot nude in the studio. A great shot of Jenny on tiptoes showing off her slender figure and great tits and pussy. I’ve said before she’s not the most attractive of models facially to look at, but there’s something about and was a popular model back in her day, appearing in numerous Publications.

Long Haired Look!

Another shot of the beautiful Jane Steadman from a restored 35 mm black and white negative. This 35 mm set is by an unknown photographer, but contains over 40 images of her posing at Jason Studio’s.

Teri Martine – Sheer Blue!

Teri Martine looking very blue posing in the studio from an original 35 mm colour slide. What with the sheer blue négligée, blue panties and blue background, there’s plenty of blue! Mind you, we still get a glimpse of Teri’s tits through that sheer outfit!

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A Double Top!

An artistic view of two wet model bodies by Harrison Marks from an original negative. You would find arty shots like this dotted throughout Kamera during its publication run and like this one most focused on the tits and torso making it difficult to guess the models. I do love the figures in this one and how the water droplets sit on the skin, and what fantastic figures on both. As it would happen, I believe I can name the models in this shot, as I’ve seen similar shots of these two bodies all wet and posing together in Kamera No.17 (1959). I believe the body facing us belongs to Gaby Rougier and the one with its side/back is Jean Sporle. I’ve posted a shot of them together here from Kamera No.17 and the other shots of them together and wet match the figures in this shot.

Unknown Ebony Curves by Harrison Marks

A stunning shot of an unknown ebony model by Harrison Marks. What a fabulous curvy figure she has as she leans forward for the camera and one of the few ebony models that GHM used in the 1960s along with Sylvia Bayo, Veronica Diemen and a few others. 🙂

Although this is a scan direct from the negative, the actual image appeared in Kamera No.47 P10 (1963). There were also 3 other images of this model published in the same edition, of which I have 1 other negative.

Dawn & Cindy – Ready to Pose

I love duo’s and trio’s of models posing together, and here is a perfect duo in the shapely form of Dawn Grayson and Cindy Neal. From an original strip of 35 mm black and white negative, this was shot at the Norland Astoria Studio in 1967 of the two girls.

Both look fabulous sat on the sofa as they prepare to pose for the camera. Unfortunately, this is the last image I have in my collection of these two.

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June Palmer – Red Stocking Reveal

A step back to the beginning of the ‘Red Stocking Strip‘ set of images featuring a mature June Palmer.

This shows June stood in the studio wearing slightly more than the other shots in the set. We still get a great view of June’s mature body, including her fuller tits and a view of her hairy pussy.  As the strip progresses, June loses the waistcoat, followed by the scarf until all that is left are the red stockings, which remain firmly in place throughout the series of shots.

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Dawn Grayson – Perfect Poise

The beautiful Dawn Grayson in the studio by Harrison Marks. Such a elegant shot showing off her shape and form including those perfectly shaped small tits and smooth pussy.

A perfect pose from this goddess and as I’ve said before good use of the stool as a supporting prop. This is the second shot from this set and all of them are as good as this.

There is also a new Dawn Grayson gallery in the members section with a selection of larger downloadable images of Dawn I’ve posted in the past.

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Paula’s Veiled View

The voluptuous figure and bosom of Paula Page by Harrison Marks in the studio. For some reason she is wearing a rather odd black veil in the shot, no idea why or even if it’s really required.

Saying that we do get a full on view of Paula’s big tits and curves as well as a bit of hair down below. Can’t say I’ve ever seen a shot of her with hair down there other than these shots?

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