Tamara or Laura – A different Cut!

A different view of the 1970s US model Laura Count by Howard Roark from a set of contact sheets. I say different because it actually appears to be model Tamara Jade wearing a wig. As Laura, she seems to have a different look, not only with the wig, but her pussy. In this shot, she is partially shaved down below, allowing us to see her mound and slit.

I’m not sure if all the photos were taken in one sitting, and she shaved to pose as Laura, or they were different times. Either way, I like different cuts of both Tamara and Laura. 🙂

Tamara Jade – Half Way Exposed!

A fabulous flash from Tamara Jade taken by Howard Roark out in an open-top car. Definitely more than half way exposed with her white top pulled open exposing those shapely tits and those panties half down showing off her thick bush! I need to post some new models by Roark as I’ve got a growing collection of still unseen beauties to share. 🙂

A Tease by Tamara!

A delicious tease from Howard Roark model Tamara Jade as she leans back on a sofa to reveal more of her worldly charms. A great shot of her with blouse pulled open wide to reveal her tits and her white panties around her thighs to show off her bushy pussy. I also love how the light reflects in her eyes as she looks at the camera, but not the first or second thing you probably notice! Another great model from the Howard Roark stable to add to the collection.