Depilated Dawn

The stunning Dawn Grayson leaning against a tree in the grounds of Ewhurst Manor, taken by Harrison Marks. This original shot shows off her naked figure to perfection, including an uncensored view of her very tidy and depilated mons pubis.

The published version of this shot, and very badly censored I may add, appeared in Solo No.43 P45 (1964)

Jacky Rigby – Armchair Exposure!

Another shot of Jacki Rigby from this set, taken by Leslie Bainbridge. Another rather nice rearview showing off her bum and a bit more, plus a nice smile! 🙂


Kay Fitzsimmonds – Beautiful & Bare Tree Nymph

A beautiful view of Kay Fitzsimmonds posing by a tree by Harrison Marks in the grounds of Ewhurst Manor. The pose against the tree gives us a fabulous view of Kay’s slender figure, small pert tits and her smooth mound, plus a cheeky little smile as she looks off to the right. 🙂

Jacki Rigby – A Natural View

Jacki Rigby, taken by Leslie Bainbridge in the late 1960s, posing nude in the great outdoors. Leslie Bainbridge was the man behind the publications Health & Efficiency (H&E) and I suspect this was for H&E rather than GI as it’s outdoors, and I have various shots of Jacki posing in fields, on fences and in trees. Shots from this set also appeared in another magazine the name escapes me at the moment, but I’m sure I have a copy sent by a member, just need to find it! 🙂

Margaret Nolan – Naughty Tree Nymph! (Original)



Another stunning shot from this set of Tree Nymph, Margaret Nolan by Harrison Marks. The pose and shape of Margaret’s body, along with those great looking tits do it for me and unlike the other shots nothing is left to the imagination in this one! We see a lot more of an uncensored Margaret down below,  it looks an odd shape but I assume that’s a trick of the light.

Another excellent, quality image to enjoy and thanks to Andy for sending it over!

Monika Ringwald – Longshore Drift! (Original)

Monika Ringwald by Terry Sparks, propping up the sea defences down in Bournemouth in 1971. Looking like that I know she’d stop me in my tracks, but I’m not so sure about the tide! But who cares as I could look at those small white perky tits for ages 🙂

Monika Ringwald – Bournemouth Never Looked So Good!

Earlier this week I post this image of an unknown model with perky small white tits and fishnets, that I found and liked the shot! Well would you believe it, but not only have I managed to name the model, but also the photographer, who is none other than friend and contributor to this site Terry Sparks. What a small world, and I’ve obviously got an eye for Terry’s work (Well, I like to think so!).

I’m happy to say that Terry saw that original post and sent through several other shots of the model, two of which are above, plus a great little narrative around these shots and the original shot. Firstly, the model is Monika Ringwald, a girl of German extraction and someone Terry worked with many times during the summer of 1971. She later followed the usual route, appearing in softcore glamour films and possibly more mainstream feature films and of course  various men’s magazines.

The two shots of Monika above were taken by Terry near Bournemouth in the summer of 1971. She looks stunning posing topless in her sun hat astride that very large trunk, but is it me or does that hand on the broken branch look very phallic like and suggestive? Probably just me, but regardless the top shot is my favourite, as, yet again, we get a great view of Monika’s small perky tan lined tits! I also have two more fully nude shots of Monika to share, including one that features a very stylish Terry as well, but that’s for another day! A big thank you as always to Terry for sharing his images and stories with me, and another great model I didn’t know about until Terry contacted me.

Finally, if you want to know some narrative around the original image, I’ve updated the original post with the details.

June Palmer – Cardigan, Leggings & Tree! (Original)



Another original shot of a young June Palmer posing in spotted leggings and black cardigan, as she poses against a tree. This is the start of another mini set of 12 images of June and the Tree from a 35mm film strip sent over by John. They aren’t as good quality as some of the larger format negatives, but with a little tweaking and scratch removal they come up pretty well, like this shot. This shot is about as risky as the shots I’ve got go, with one boob and nipple exposed. I’m sure there must be further films out there where she removes more, but maybe not?


Note: This image is from an original negative and subject to this copyright notice.

Succulent Samantha (Original)



The model known only as Samantha posing for Harrison Marks on location down in Cornwall, during the Kamera on Location 1966 shoot. A beautiful model with a beautiful untouched bush, not that you can see it in this shot and a great set of small perky tits! One assumes this was in the woods near the river that appear in many of the 66 shots?

June Palmer – Tiptoe Through The Treetops! (Original)



A nude June posing precariously amongst the branches of a tree on her tip toes! A fantastic view of June’s body as always, I’m just not sure about the balancing act, although I don’t think the branch she’s stood on is attached to the tree but laid on the ground.