Venetia Day – My Kind of Black Friday!

A new solo image of Venetia Day by Terry Sparks. This time a full frontal shot of her as she poses thigh deep in the sea off Rhodes, with the sun glistening off her wet body and a hint in the shadows of her dark thick bush! A scan from one of 3 sets of contact sheets of Venetia I’ve recently acquired, so I now have plenty more to come.

It seems fitting to do a post of Venetia today as it is Black Friday soon (boom boom!) Not quite what they meant or very politically correct, but then I prefer my Black Friday to the madness out there!

Rhodes Sun Worshippers

It’s been a while since I posted an image from this set. Marianne Morris (Vicki Pascale), Venetia Day and Dinah Challen (Linda Rome) by Terry Sparks taken on a beach in Rhodes in 1971. A fab shot of all three as they stand naked in the sea enjoying the sun.

I have many more shots of these three taken by Terry in Rhodes, thanks to a fabulous collection of original contact sheets I’ve acquired of Terry’s work.

Venetia Day – Black Booty!


A fabulous view of Venetia Day’s round sandy bum as she looks over her shoulder. Posing naked on a beach in Rhodes for Terry Sparks in 1971 from a collection of contact sheets.

A great figure and great view all round 🙂

A Sandy Day!

Venetia Day covered in sand as she poses naked on a beach in Rhodes for Terry Sparks in 1971. A great shot of Venetia with her arms flung back and wearing that large bead necklace that Terry preferred and as worn by Vicki Pascale and others that posed for him. Another sunny shot, and I’d have offered to rub that sand off her if needed. 🙂

Venetia Day – A Perfect Car Bonnet Adornment! (1971)





A front and rear view of Venetia Day posing topless on racing cars at the 1971 Earls Court Motor Show! Rather risqué at the time I would think, but she definitely drew the crowds and photographers posing in just a white bikini bottom.

Venetia Day – A Wet & Glistening View! (Original)

The final solo image of Venetia Day by Terry Sparks. This time a rear view shot of her as she poses thigh deep in the sea off Rhodes, with the sun glistening off her wet body and the smallest hint of one nipple! I assume as we can see the shoreline in the background that Terry was deeper in the sea than Venetia, hopefully he kept this equipment dry (boom boom!)

Lip Smacking Marianne!

The final two shots I have of Marianne Morris posing on a beach in Rhodes taken by Terry Sparks, plus two German magazine articles featuring the Rhodes 3, again obviously taken by Terry. Marianne looks fantastic in the two original images from Terry and although I love the shot of her running her tongue over her lips, I think I prefer the second shot. I just love the pose of her laying back on the wet sand, with the reflection of her body showing in the wet ripples of the sand.  A perfectly composed shot from Terry and a great additional prop of the large necklace!

The two magazine articles show all three of the Rhodes models, Marianne Morris, Venetia Day and Dinah Challen posing in the sea and on the rocks and love the colour shot of all three of them. Dinah in those long black boots and blue panties looks fantastic and a shame I’ve n ot got any of those from Terry 🙂

Thanks as always to Terry for sharing his original images with me and still a few more Venetia Day shots to go before I run out!

A Day in The Sun!

A second shot of Venetia Day by Terry Sparks whilst on location in Rhodes in 1971. Unlike the first shot here, this is a wider shot of her, soaking wet with her arms out wide, as she stands in the sea.  I love the pose and how the water glistens on her wet dark body. Another stunning shot shared by Terry 🙂

A Nice Day For It! (Original)



After Marianne Morris from the ‘Rhodes Rears‘ shot by Terry Sparks, we now have the second of the trio in the stunning form of Venetia Day. Terry sent these through after my last Marianne post and I must admit I hadn’t come across Venetia before, but glad I have now! A stunning shot of her body as she poses in the sea for Terry and I love how the water glistens on her body in the above shot.  After seeing Venetia I went off to do a little research about her and found out much more about her. She caused quite a stir at the Earls Court Car Show in 1971, by posing in nothing other than a pair of white bikini bottom’s on the F1 cars from that year. The same year she also appeared in Mayfair and made several soft appearances in glamour films.

All in all a stunning ebony beauty that’s up there with Sylvia Bayo in my books now and thanks to Terry for introducing me to Venetia!


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