June Simpson – What's New Pussycat!

June Simpson posing on a leopardskin rug from Photographic Rhythm No.1. Another great shot from Lawrence Venn of June, but it again looks cut out and pasted on a white background!

Eve Eden – The Painted Lady!

Before anyone comments I’ve not touched this image other than to scan it and remove some creases!  If the eyes etc. look painted or drawn on, that is how they appear in the magazine, but they do appear to have been enhanced.

Anyway no denying it’s Eve Eden posing for Photographic Rhythm Magazine No.1

No Disguising It, Those Belong to Ann Austin

Ann Austin wearing a short light wig, but you can’t mistake the look, figure or the bosom! From the pages of Square No.1 (1960) by Roger Davis. I counted 10 images of Ann with and without wigs in this magazine I’ve never seen before, so great little find.

June Simpson – Photographic Rhythm Cover

The always glorious June Simpson on the cover of Photographic Rhythm No.1 by Lawrence Vern. I’m not sure you’d get away with a model today sitting astride a leopard skin rug including head, but you could then.  The leopard looks in a state of shock, but so would you with June Simpson sat astride you naked, or maybe not!

Lots of restoration to this cover as it was in bad condition and had a big strip of sellotape down the spine, which you can just see, but a good effort I think!

Ed Alexander Photographs English Beauties

My latest purchase arrived this afternoon and one that I’ve been after for a while, but unfortunately it’s been going for silly prices on eBay, so I’ve always missed out.  By accident I found a copy for sale on Amazon yesterday at a very reasonable price, so despite my reservations I bought it, but for that price it had to be a very poor copy surely?  It arrived today, the day after I ordered it, it was very well securely sealed, then wrapped in brown paper and had a wonderful set of stamps attached (several Channel Tunnel ones if your interested).

Well to my surprise it’s a very good condition copy of the magazine, clean crisp pages, no discolouration and for a magazine 50 years old immaculate! So well played to the seller on Amazon for such a good buying experience, if only all sellers showed such commitment. 

Anyway onto the magazine! As the title says it’s full of English beauties photographed by Ed Alexander, including none other than Dawn Grayson on the cover (one of the reasons I wanted it!).  Published by Whitestone Publications in 1964 it’s a 112 page extravaganza of well known models, both clothed and nude, including Eve Eden, Sophia Dawn, Annette Johnson, Molly Peters and of course Dawn. The strange thing is apart from Annette Johnson, they are all using different or uncommon names, like Sophie Dorn, Kay Stern and Connie Fielding. A wonderful magazine and insight into glamour photography and lots of location shots inside and outside at Ewhurst Manor.

I’m off to scan a few pages to share with you all, then putting it up on eBay for an extortionate selling price (joking, it’s one of the few I may keep)

Vintage Magazines

A request! If any of you out there have a secret archive of vintage magazines then I’d be interested in getting copies!  It goes without saying I’m particularly interested in anything Harrison Marks, Pamela Green or June Palmer related.  I am also interested in copies of Parade, Carnival and Girl Illustrated from the 1960’s and early 1970’s or any of the older Fiesta or smaller digest magazines.

I’m looking for high quality scans if you have them, or if you want to send me original magazines, then even better!  I do this site for free and make nothing from it, so can’t offer you any financial recompense, but you will have my eternal gratitude and of course be quoted as the source of any material.

I know I’m asking a lot as these magazines are 40 years and older and becoming quite collectable, but the saying goes, if you don’t ask ….

Anyway if you do and want to share please contact me via the form on the contact page and lets discuss 🙂