June Kneeling Amongst The Waves (Original)



Another black and white 35mm negative of June that was probably produced as a colour negative as well, of June posing in the waves. This comes from the set of June wearing a black striped bikini posing on a beach in the UK somewhere, which I’ve published several colour shots before here.

Pip’s Perfect Wet Look (Original)

Two shots of model Pip Paget taken by Terry Sparks and posing in the sea near Southampton in 1971. Loving the blue bikini bottom’s in these shots, but loving the very wet white top even more, as it’s become almost transparent in places, allowing us to see Pip’s  nipples and tits as it clings to them. Thanks to Terry for these two terrific shots of Pip.

Ann Walker – The Only Way To Take A Dip!

A shot of Ann Walker in the buff taking a stroll amongst the waves on some sunny UK beach. How do I know it’s the UK, well it’s sunny and she still looks bloody cold, look at the goose bumps on her! Following on from the discussion here with David, Ann definitely doesn’t look like a plucked turkey in this one!