Jenny Lane – Short & Sheer

Jenny Lane, posing in a rather nice sheer baby-doll nighty. Jenny wasn’t the most photogenic of models, especially with that mole over her lip, but she definitely looks good in this shot!

A Perky Trio from Terry

After a hiatus away from the site, Terry Sparks returns with this trio of beauties from his collection. These three topless beauties are Carolyn Braine, Jackie Lippiatt and Alison Farage, taken in the late 1970s. Jackie I’ve posted a couple of photos from Terry before, and I have several contact sheets of Carolyn. As for Alison, I don’t have any of her in my archive, but she sure looks familiar?

Thanks as always to Terry for another of his original photos, and glad to have you back contributing to the site. 🙂

Jenny Lane – Sheer & Short

Jenny Lane posing in a rather nice sheer baby-doll nighty from a newly acquired 35 mm black and white negative. I didn’t instantly recognize the model as Jenny, as she has short hair in this shot and all the images I have seen, especially posing for Harrison Marks she has long straight dark hair. Which poses the question is this her real hair and is the long hair really a wig?

I think I actually prefer this shot of her with shorter hair, as it seems to suit her better. I’m loving the sheer baby-doll showing us the outline of her white panties beneath and the shape of those impressive round tits! Jenny wasn’t the most photogenic of models, especially with that mole over her lip, but she definitely looks good in this shot!

Doreen at the Door!

1960s UK model Doreen Pierre opening the back door to invite you in! And what an inviting view it is of her stood there in just white panties and a headband. Rather tame from her as well as she does show off a lot more on occasions. 😉

Decorating with Dawn!

Well that’s my Easter holiday over and the decorating is done! I can safely say I had a similar stepladder to the one in this shot, it just didn’t have such a great view as this. A different shot of the fabulous Dawn Grayson posing on a stepladder, flashing her legs and white underwear.

Members can view and download a larger image here

Sheila Bancroft – Monthly Knickers!

Sheila Bancroft kneeling on a bed in white panties at Jason Studio’s taken in 1969. Loving the curve of her hips in this pose highlighted by the white panties, which have some odd writing on them. On the left as you look at them they say April/May and on the right I can’t quite make out the word but there’s also a Bull head logo? Hoping the month on the panties isn’t how often she changes them 😉


Tina Wilson – Last but Not Least! (Original)

A very cheerful view of Tina Wilson kneeling in white bikini bottoms in the studio. A great shot taken by Ken Greenwood from a set of contact sheets. Love the small white perky tits 🙂

Buxom Unknown in White!


A different shot with an original colour shot of an unknown buxom model in white. This shot just appealed to me when I originally saw it and bought it, and think it was the pose of the model, plus her being all in white. I love how her big tits spill down from her open dress, and she leans forward. Add to that the way she is sat legs apart, pulling her white panties down to reveal a hint of pussy between her legs for us to see. Not sure who she is but another wig in use, but nevertheless a perfect pose in white!

Diane Hedges – Amongst The Blossom! (Original)

A beautifully restored shot of Diane Hedges posing amongst the flower blossom in white. This shot is from a 35mm colour slide that had the usual red tinge to it, but I was able to recover the colours. Regardless of the colour it’s a wonderful shot of Diane and I love the white sheer top and panties and that smile! I’d put this slide at somewhere between the late 1950’s or very early 60’s, but hard to tell as Diane tends to look the same in all the shots I have.

June Palmer – Kneeling in White (Original)

Another great studio shot of June in white panties and open negligee kneeling on a white photographic background. A follow up shot to this shot from the same shoot that I published a few years back, showing June in her glorious prime!