Have a Cool Yule!

Well it’s that time of year again to wish everyone a very Happy Christmas and prosperous New Year! A big thank you to everyone that has supported the site this year from all the viewers through to the contributions from members and friends. Without your continued support and input this site wouldn’t be half as good as it is, so thank you and have a Cool Yule!



Santa’s Little Helper Never Looked So Good! (1950’s)



A restored silver gelatin 10 by 8 print from the 1950’s of an unknown model posing in Santa hat with a snowy wall in the background. A wonderful shot and you never see Santa’s helpers looking like this very often, mind you if you did there would be more male parents in the queue than kids 🙂

Xmas Cracker – Erica & The Xmas Cards

Following on from these 3 images of Busty Erica posing amongst the Xmas cards, I’ve found 3 more from the set for today’s Xmas cracker!

The first image is much larger than the other two and I don’t know if it was cropped or taken that way, but it could have been a bit lower!  The last two are very small images taken from negatives, so there must be larger versions somewhere. Both also feature GHM’s cats playing with what looks like marbles!  I’m already anticipating the onslaught of pussy jokes from the last two!

Xmas Cracker – Mary Stephan

The same festive set and location as yesterday, but this time the Xmas Cracker is Mary Stephan, otherwise known as Caroline Coon in a blonde wig! 

This one comes from Nature’s Intention Vol.1 No.1 ‘HM – A Series of Natural Art Studies’, which I absolutely love as it’s just full of GHM models showing off their full natural bushes! Maybe that’s why it’s called Natural Art!  you can see all the images I’ve published from this series so far … Here

Xmas Cracker – Britt Hampshire

We start the week with a very perky Britt Hampshire as the Xmas cracker. Seen her with very perky puffies and full bush in front of the fireplace surrounded by Xmas decorations and a sheepskin rug! Scanned from Nature’s Intention Vol.1 No.1 ‘A Series of Natural Art Studies’ by Harrison Marks

Xmas Cracker – Dolores Alverez

Even more muff from today’s Xmas Cracker, this time ear muffs!  Dolores Alverez by Harrison Marks amongst the baubles from the back page of Fiesta Spring Special (1957), yes Spring!  Posing with yet another strategically placed hand warmer!

Xmas Cracker – Nicky Stevens

Today’s Xmas Cracker is Nicky Stevens from the pages of Rogue Magazine Vol.20 No.15 (December, 1968). Posing in nothing more than matching hat, hand warmer and boots next to a post box! That reminds me must post my Xmas cards before it’s too late!

Enjoy today’s cracker!