The Cartoon Style of Bill Ward

Another unrelated post, but more 1950’s cartoons from Bill Ward an artist that has a unique style and one that appeals to me!  I like the use of the black on sepia with white to enhance parts of the image and the drawing style of the females 😉  There is a theme on the images below if you can’t already guess, on the phone and spanking! 
The tenuous link to this site is that these cartoons appeared in publications from the Humorama line such as Jest, Gaze, Stare, Snappy, Romp, Cartoon Parade and Gee-Whiz, along with fairly tame photo’s of models such as Eve Eden and Margaret Nolan.  Bill’s cartoons regularly appeared on the covers of Gee-Whiz through the late 1950’s and his unique style is easily identifiable.




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