Art For Art’s Sake (Video)

I thought it was about time I posted another video, so why not start at the beginning with the first Harrison Marks Kamera Cine Film. This film is Kamera Cine Film No.1 titled ‘Art For Art’s Sake’, made in 1959 and published in February 1960 in black and white it was 50ft long (2:30 minutes) and available in both 8mm and 16mm formats.  Filmed at the Gerrard Street studio it features Jean Spaul and Pamela Green and the original synopsis states – ‘Lovely Jean Spaul decides to become an artist and as her model she engages beautiful Pamela Green; anything can happen with these two together.’

The film is missing the opening credits, but is complete apart from that and is very good quality considering it’s age, but no sound on this one as I haven’t had time to add any. I’ll leave you to add your own sound effects. A great glamour film from GHM featuring Pamela Green, so enjoy!

*This film is copyright George Harrison Marks Enterprises Limited

2 thoughts on “Art For Art’s Sake (Video)

  1. That was a really good film, excellent picture quality. Might it be from a 16mm original? Wonderful to see Pam and Jean in all their glory. I put Strauss’s “Artist’s Life” on while it was playing.


    1. John, no idea if it was 8 or 16mm as it came from a German DVD compilation that had a few Harrison Marks films thrown in, so I grabbed it from there. I needed your excellent music editing to add some appropriate accompanying music 🙂


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