Nancy Roberts – Just a Sun Hat For Shade! (1959)

A stunning shot of Nancy Roberts posing on a beach with only a sun hat for shade. It comes from a photographic glass plate and was taken in September 1959 at the beach near Sheplegh Court, Devon, and the accompanying notes put Nancy at 20 years old in the shot.

What a body, what a smile, and thankfully I have several others of Nancy at the beach to share along with this. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Nancy Roberts – Just a Sun Hat For Shade! (1959)

  1. I am certain that this woman went on to be on, I think a TV game show.
    Anybody correct me, or advise what the show was called ?


  2. latest couple from the seller only 3 are in focus and getting glass negs through the mail – > shudder < nice ones though – yes it is a full time job with little recompense havinga couple of sites – big images all knocked off onto others blogs – without any leave or thank you – that is the most annoying bit.


    1. Yes Kevin saw the new lot, but not gone for them and thanks for the support about the sites and yes time consuming and little reward! Thank god I still enjoy it and like doing it for myself 🙂


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