Nancy Roberts – A Sunny Outlook! (1959)

A stunning shot of Nancy Roberts posing on a beach with only a sun hat and beach towel for shade. It comes from a photographic glass plate and was taken in September 1959 at the beach near Sheplegh Court, Devon. What a body on view, including a peak of her uncensored bits.

I’ve also realized that this set of shots of Nancy come from the Michael Winner film ‘Some Like It Cool’ (1962) and although she is never credited in the film, Nancy appears on several posters and lobby cards advertising the film. The shots in the posters seem to be at this location and in similar positions.

6 thoughts on “Nancy Roberts – A Sunny Outlook! (1959)

  1. Such a beautiful model of this era, and seems to be “one that got away” from GHM; at least I have never seen her in Kamera magazine or other of his publications. Great picture!


    1. Thanks Jeff and I have seen references that she may have modelled for GHM, but as of yet I’ve not seen any evidence, although I have seen shots of her in Russell Gay publications. Hoping some turn up, but happy with this set of her in the meantime 🙂


  2. Was a hostess on the TV programme “Double Your Money” (along with Eve Eden) back in the late 50’s/early 60’s.


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