Hanna Viek – Over 40 & Overheated!

Hanna Viek from her magazine appearance in Over 40! I’m unsure of the date or publication number of this edition, but the images vary between shoots, but they look to be earlier shots of Hanna. Several feature a loft set and the leather armchair that I’ve posted her posing in before, although these shots are a bit more open and revealing! I’m not 100% but the loft set looks similar to the one used by Harrison Marks, so these could have been taken by him, but again no proof!

One thought on “Hanna Viek – Over 40 & Overheated!

  1. Hanna is magnificent. I adore he shot of her seated, facing the camera with open legs exposing her hairy crack, which you can see is already open, showing her readiness for intercouse. Lucky photographer!


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