Redhead with Seriously Sexy Curves Ahead!

A now identified red-headed model posing on the bed for Harrison Marks, and my god what a figure and what curves! Thanks to Kevin for again sharing this stunning redhead with us, 🙂 looks to be a slightly older model, not that I’m any good at getting ages right! I’ve actually now identified her as Teresa Seymour with long dyed hair!

3 thoughts on “Redhead with Seriously Sexy Curves Ahead!

  1. I’ve seen this image before but in black and white, and would never have guessed who it was, and am sure I have it somewhere amongst my collection. In fact when I saw this yesterday, I still doubted who it was. Its only seeing the Pamar slide pages today, and the fact that its a GHM publication that has me now finally convinced otherwise. Now you know why I am wrong so often !!!


    1. Trust me Phil I’m wrong more times than I’m right when trying to identify models, so your not alone! And as I said it was only by chance in seeing the Pamar catalogue that I made the connection, and she looks so different as a redhead! Another model identified anyway 🙂


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