A Trio of Beauties – Part 2 (Original)

Following on from this post of the first 3 models index cards, the final three cards featuring a trio of models with their height and vital statistics. These were again sent over by Tony, with some more very familiar faces (and figures!) on these cards and a few names I didn’t know, but recognised the face and body 🙂

9 thoughts on “A Trio of Beauties – Part 2 (Original)

  1. Uhmm!! interesting, I wonder how accurate those statistics are, as, in the 1st linked set June Palmer is described as being 5’4″ which she definitely wasn’t being famously diminutive under 5’2″, I suspect Jayne Tracy wasn’t 37″ where it counts most either, Elaine Desmond 38″? must have had a short tape measure and as a blonde?


  2. Be honest, I cant remember, but just a little more info ….. Margaret Nolan was on the TV last night in an episode of The Likely Lads, probably from around 1971/ 2 would be my guess. These episodes are recycled quite frequently so if anyone is interested, keep your eyes open. Sorry to say, clothes on but still looks stunning


  3. Have also seen Babs Dorne as Margarette Reig. The GHM website had her listed as Margarette, and she appeared in Kamera’s 52, 53, and 60.
    The index cards you have posted are so rare and interesting. Do you have more of these coming?


    1. Spot on with the names Jeff, including her as posing for GHM as Margarette 🙂 Sorry these are the last of the index cards, as I only got sent the 6 of them, but hoping there are more out there?


  4. I have to wonder what these cards were used for – was it an agent trying to flog ‘assets’ for the strip or ‘glamour’ trade? Or were they the equivalent of those cards that used to be a feature of public telephone boxes?

    Some raunchy pics nonetheless


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