Paula Page’s Perfectly Plump Pair! (Original)

Sometimes all you need to perk you up in the afternoon is a view of a nice big pair of tits and they don’t get much bigger than these! Paula Page laying down but giving us a perfect view of her enormous plump pair from above! Taken by Harrison Marks, Paula looks particularly attractive in this shot compared to others and what a tough job he had taking photo’s like this! One does wonder how he controlled himself in such situations?

One thought on “Paula Page’s Perfectly Plump Pair! (Original)

  1. I’m really sorry Wonder but, I’ve never been able to quite see the attraction of Ms Page. Facially, she has a distinctly mannish appearance. And those huge breasts well, in my opinion (and what do I know!!) cease to be attractive and are just large lumps of floppy flesh with no real definition at all. But each to their own I suppose, one man’s turn-off is another’s object of desire.

    I recall donkey’s years ago when Paula Page would have been well past her HM days, of seeing (not purchased or owned by me) a poorly produced American magazine that specialised in er! shall we say “older large ladies” and there were plenty of odd-ball US mags around catering to sometimes strange shapes and sizes, that had a couple of photo’s (or said to be) of Paula, when she had clearly tried to lose weight or the effects of time and gravity had not been kind to her, her face was downright gaunt and sunken, even more like a man than in her HM heyday, and those boobs, well, knee scrapers wasn’t in it.

    Not at all nice, and surprised Ms Page agreed to pose for them. But then if there’s a demand and all that.

    I suppose those photo’s have coloured my judgement ever since, although I was never a fan anyway.


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