Pam & Jean – Balcony Beauties (Original)

The beautiful Pamela Green and Jean Spaul (Sporle) in glorious colour, as those pose for Harrison Marks on the balcony of the flat he shared with Pam in Hampstead. Taken around 1960 this colour shot shows the contrast between the redheaded Jean and her pale skin and the darker tanned form of Pamela. A perfect pose shot of the two and a perfect pose, similar to this shot from the same set.

Thanks to Simon for sending through this scan of this original negative from his Pam archive.

3 thoughts on “Pam & Jean – Balcony Beauties (Original)

  1. In a way this picture puzzles me. The ladies are hardly posing and both looking off into the distance. And the balcony floor is mucky with what looks like pigeon crap. I suppose it reminds me of an amateur snapshot – a bit of nude sunbathing. They are both naked but I don’t find it sexy. Maybe it’s me and the fact that it’s Thursday and I have to go to a boring meeting in 35 minutes…


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