In Bed With Margaret Nolan

The stunning Margaret Nolan laying naked on her front on the bed from an original medium format negative originally taken in the 1960’s. I also have the opposite with to this one of Margaret with her laying on her back 😉

6 thoughts on “In Bed With Margaret Nolan

  1. Don’t assume that because you have an original print or negative you somehow have the copyright. And without a license from the copyright holder or a transfer of copyright you can’t legally sell the images. Copyright lies with the photographer in most cases, and it remains in copyright with his estate for 70 years after his death. Call me if you want to discuss.


    1. Thanks for the reminder Yak, just bouncing ideas but I’ll leave the images here on posts for now. Shame other people aren’t so conscientious about copyright infringement when it comes to selling images elsewhere.


  2. I understand where you are coming from on this one but as a previous poster said, selling images is copyright breach. Having said that there are loads of sites who have been doing it for years and getting away with it. There’s probably a lot on the market, and there is a lot on the market, that is outside this timeframe or soon will be.

    From my point of view I don’t see the need in hanging on to original magazines and photographs. Once purchased, make digital copies and then re sell the originals. These do need keeping in circulation to protect their longevity, rather than being found in someone’s passing and confined to a dustbin. You at least will recover your original purchase costs.

    You could also consider a site PayPal account for donations to the site solely to subsidise running costs. Other sites do it.

    You could also consider site membership or membership to certain areas within the site.


    1. Thanks Phil and you make a good point about selling on the originals once you have digital copies and I may do that. In the meantime I’m looking into a PayPal account solely for the site for donations and other membership options 🙂


  3. Copyright is a tricky thing, but I would probably pay for new photos of Monika Ringwald and justify it to myself somehow! Probably no need to offer different sizes, just whatever is best – if someone will pay, they won’t want the small ones. And yes, PayPal for donations would be fine too. You do a good job and although I’m sure you don’t expect to make a fortune, you might recover some of your costs.


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