Elaine Collins by Howard Rourke

Elaine Collins by Howard Rourke and another of my favourite ebony beauties from the 1970s. This shot of Elaine came from an original set of 120 images that I’ve just received in a large batch of Howard Rourke contact sheets, and I immediately recognized her! Elaine also went by the name of Georgia Jackson and appeared in several of the popular men’s magazines back in the 1970s including the cover of Blue Climax No.4 sporting a great afro! She also appeared with Candy Samples in various shoots and made various adult 8 mm loops, and wasn’t afraid to be a bit more explicit in some shoots I’ve seen and have in my collection.

Nothing too explicit with this shot of Elaine, but love the way she is licking her lips as she offers up those great tits to the camera 🙂


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