Julie Shearing – A Emulated Pose! (Original)


Julie Shearing from a restored 35mm Pamar colour slide taken by Harrison Marks. A beautiful shot of Julie kneeling on a stool in GHM’s flat with a white negligee down round her waist showing off her great tits! She also seems to be emulating the pose of the figurine on the shelf in the background and I hadn’t noticed the birthmark before now, but looking back through her posted shots it is visible in some of them 🙂

Big Earrings, GHM’s Flat, Harrison Marks, Julie, Julie Shearing, Kevintagist, Kneeling, Moon Earrings, Nude, Original, Pamar Colour Slide, Restored, Restored Print, Stool, Vintage, Vintage Nude, Vintage Pinup 1950’s, Vintage Tits, White Negligee

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