A Very Pottable Helen!

Helen Jones posing for Harrison Marks beside a snooker table at Ewhurst Manor. I have images of Monique Deveraux and Valerie Jones posing on this table as well, so it was well-used!

Helen was a later model for GHM, posing in the mid 1970s, but I’m not sure if she ever appeared in any of his publications? I do think this and other shots of Helen may be stills from one of the Harrison Marks cine films around the time of ‘Scout’s Honour’, but she doesn’t seem to be named in those I have records of? Regardless, Helen has a nice slim figure on show and hairy pussy, all very pottable! 😉

Again, this is another negative from my collection I’m selling over on eBay

Update: Thanks to a kind member, Helen actually appeared in the cine film ‘Cue for Two’ with another unknown model named Sarah. I have ‘Sarah’ down as unknown model No.56.

Members can view and download a larger image here

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