Simply Sarah!

Another new model by Harrison Marks and also another unknown model or only known as Sarah? Sat posing on the familiar bed with metal bedstead that many a GHM model posed on, she looks quite distracted. A great figure and she looks quite young to me.

I have several negatives of this model posing for GHM including a full set of her and Angela Duncan. That set comes from a set of stills taken from the 8 mm cine film ‘A Hit for Two Miss’s’. The film features Angela as a school teacher and this unknown as a school girl in uniform, hence the young looks.  I don’t have the first black and white version, but realized thanks to Glaisedale I do have a colour version of A Hit for Two Miss’s under the title Die Lesbierinnen (The Lesbians).

Sarah also appeared in another film around the same time, this was with Helen Jones in E317 film ‘Cue for Two’

For now, I’ll put this model down as Unknown Model No.56 (Sarah) in the unknown list, unless anyone can provide a full name?

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