Barbara Halks – Beautifully Proportioned!

Someone requested a Barbara Halks image, so who am I to deny such a request. So here it is, an original scan of one of my negatives of Barbara taken by Harrison Marks in the studio. Apparently she was only 5 foot tall, but as someone commented, beautifully proportioned and has a very pretty face, amongst other things!

3 thoughts on “Barbara Halks – Beautifully Proportioned!

  1. Gorgeous isn’t she?. I wonder how old she might have been when posing for HM, sometimes I think she leans towards the last vestiges of puppy-fat and have been quite close to the age at the time models were supposed to be be (18) for glamour work. Barbara quite often appears side on display those wonderful assets to their great advantage (see the calendar shot in the BH link) On the other hand in some shots, I don’t know if its just the quality of the image she can look a little care-worn. At five feet tall, If she was ever in the same studio with the famously vertically challenged June Palmer, it would have been something of a shock for JP to tower over another girl.


  2. One of GHM’s finest. Absolutely staggering, she has it all – the looks, the figure.
    We must see more of this much underestimated model.


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