Clyda Rosen – Having a Feel!

Being a big Clyda Rosen fan, where most of the images and content of her are well known and well published. It’s very rare to come across any original content of her, but as far as I can tell this is one such image I’ve never seen anywhere else. Yes, there are various shots of her in similar poses on that sheepskin rug, but not this particular shot. It comes from an original medium format negative, and I think was defined as being taken by Harrison Marks, although I have my doubts?

Thankfully not too graphic in nature, but it sure does show off Clyda’s assets to full effect, including that very thick lush bush and those rather large tits! Not to everyone’s taste, but still a rare find!

One thought on “Clyda Rosen – Having a Feel!

  1. The remarkable Clyda – there are some well-known pics of her where her hairiness extends right up to her navel. A great all-rounder.


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