Caught in the Act with Harrison Marks!

An image from a different set of photo’s from my collection of negatives I randomly bought! Caroline Coon in bed with the master himself, on the job so to speak! Even back then, hidden cameras were used to capture initiate moments and these 3 shots seem to be candid, until Caroline sees the camera in the final shot.

Reading through the many articles and images from the old Harrison Marks website, I came across some out-takes and commentary of the two weeks GHM and his team spent in Cornwall in 1966 with several models. The following is an excerpt from week 2.

‘Those of you that have read about Harrison Marks on the website, will know that two of the members of his crew, Tony and David, had a reputation for, sometimes elaborate, practical jokes. A hidden camera with a remote shutter cable wouldn’t have been a problem for them and catching George on film in private moments was not difficult as you see’.

Although I have no doubt these shots were one of those occasions, a couple of things I noticed. Caroline Coon as far as I’m aware never went on the two weeks to Cornwall in 1966. If she did, she was one of the unnamed models, but then there are no images of her on location? Secondly, I have many shots of Caroline, including this shot featuring the same location and bed. So maybe not on location, but another time and location or even a set.

What we do see if the master on the job in more than one way, enjoying himself with Caroline. Even when she notices the hidden camera, she is laughing and pointing. So the joke seems to have been taken in a good way. Doubt it would have had the same reaction today!

2 thoughts on “Caught in the Act with Harrison Marks!

  1. Surely taken from one of his films when he and Caroline were the stars ? Reportedly filming took two days because GHM was enjoying himself so much ?


  2. I met Caroline several times in the late 60s. Not only was she absolutely stunning she was formidable in many respects – she started the drug charity Release and is a very good painter. Some people thought she was a man-eater, as she worked her way through many guys – unfortunately I was not one of them!


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