Sexy Sabine (1975)

A very pouty Sabine C in the bath by Terry Sparks from November 1975. This comes from a set of 9 original contact sheets of Sabine and her surname may well be Creysse, but the pen is smudged, so difficult to read. Another stunning and slender model from the Terry archives and one I quite like, even if she is flat chested and her nipples nearly stand out more than the rest of her tits! A very 1970s bathroom as well, as my parents had the same tiles.

Sabine, I’ve recently found out, is actually an alias for Florence Crippa as I’ve a big set of Florence and there are a lot of similarities between the two sets.

One thought on “Sexy Sabine (1975)

  1. U m. Not much to comment on here really. She is so small it looks like press studs on her chest! Does she look more shapely standing? I do like the defiant look in her eye though.


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