Caroline by Paul (Readers Wives)

Time for a repost of a submission to the readers wives section, this time the stunning Caroline by member Paul McQ. Paul contacted me with a selection of shots of Caroline from back in the 80s taken at various locations with his Polaroid, 110 and then moving onto a Canon A1. This and other he sent are scans of actual photo’s and back then it wasn’t so easy to produce photo’s of this type without taking the negatives to a specialist developer or risking it through Boots! 🙂

A stunning set of photo’s that members get to see fully, including more of Caroline’s body and bush, and she even modelled for Knave magazine’s Beautiful Beginners feature in 1981. Thanks to Paul for the fabulous photo’s and hope you all enjoy. 🙂

Christine & The Return of Readers Wives

The long overdue return of the Readers Wives section and Christine! Since I moved the website last year, the readers wives section has been on hiatus, but now it’s back! There is now a gallery for members to view all the readers wives and the views on offer, including Chris. I’ll be adding back more of our readers wives in the coming weeks, but new submissions are always welcome! 🙂

Mrs E – Another Bushy Beauty!

Another submission to the readers wives section, this time from one of my members of his fabulous other half. Taken back in the 1960s of her displaying a nice firm pair of small tits, a nice set of curves and a thick full bush! A big thanks as always to those that send these stunning submissions in for all of us to enjoy! 🙂

Christine – A More Revealing View (Readers Wives)

After several requests from members, I’m going to slowly re-introduce the ‘Readers Wives’ section. I’ll start with a few of the older posts and then if there is renewed interest maybe some new stuff?

Starting with Christine by member Caligula, and a more revealing view! A superb shot of Chris posing in a long black sheer négligée with one knee up, allowing the négligée to fall open. Not only does it allow a better view of her figure, but also a glimpse of her hairy pussy.

Although not obvious in this shot, Cali mentioned that Chris kept things trimmed down there rather than letting it grow naturally. So she had a little mound of hair that he rather enjoyed, whatever that means!

Thanks as always to Cali for allowing me to share such a wonderful and revealing shot of Chris 🙂

Christine on Red!

A superb shot of member Caligula’s beautiful wife Christine, taken back in the late 1960s from one of several sets of 35mm colour negatives. Although shy to start, she took to posing for Cali and was soon happy to pose alone and with her friend. 

A stunning shot of a nude Christine against the backdrop of the red curtain. What a figure, nice round tits and just a hint of a trimmed pussy below. A big thank you to Cali for sending over this great shot and others of Christine and allowing me to post them here.

Introducing Mrs Hidden Desires

I’ve not really posted in the ‘readers wives’ section for a long time now, but sometimes you come across someone that takes your breath away that’s just worth showing off. Introducing Mrs Hidden Desires, although looking through her gallery below there’s no introduction required, but plenty that’s hard!

I came cross Mrs HD over on Twitter via a mutual friend of the site and was instantly in lust. A stunning beauty with a body to die for with curves in all the right places that loves to show off and more especially in stockings and heels. Add in a husband that loves photography and showing off Mrs HD in all her magnificence, and I just had to share her here. Several of her images have a vintage feel to them, so another perfect fit for me. Plus did I mention that body, arse and smooth pussy. 😉

A big thank you to both Mr & Mrs HD for allowing me to share Mrs HD, but who wouldn’t want to share her! If you love what you see, please show your appreciation, and you can find her on Twitter and OnlyFans if you want to see more!

Barbara Halks – More Eastern Promise!

Another stunning shot of Barbara Halks taken on the set of ‘Eastern Exchange’ by Harrison Marks. Leaning across a pouf we get a great view of her figure and a hint of hairy pussy. I love that chain belt as it adds a certain something to the overall shot, giving it a slave like quality. 🙂

Kate – A Lady With Vintage Style!

A stunning vintage style shot from a real lady and friend that has allowed me to share this shot of her on my site. I just love this vintage style shot, those long black gloves and stockings and a hint of more! A real pleasure to share this shot of Lady Kate, who has a real love for vintage and not really a reader’s wife, as she is the one herself that likes to share her glamorous side. Hope you all enjoy the vintage view. 🙂