June Palmer – Castle View!

The third shot from this set of images of a young June posing in leggings (not tights, as someone pointed out!) in the ruins of a castle. These came from John W who also sent through a second batch of this set, so I now have 35 images of June in this location to share once I’ve edited them! 🙂

June Palmer – To The Battlements!

Another shot of a young June posing in leggings (not tights as someone pointed out!) in the ruins of a castle. These came from John W and his complete set of black and white 35 mm negatives of June.

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Welcome Back To June!

This cracking shot of a young June comes from the end of a set of 35 mm negatives sent over by John W and is from this set of images. No leggings in this shot, just a nude June enjoying the sun in the ruins of a castle. Welcome back June!

June Palmer – Another Tight View!

The second shot in the series of June wearing a pair of tights, whilst posing on some battlements! This one is more of a side view with her and on looking they seem to be a tight pair of leggings, rather than tights, as there are no feet to them! Either way, they cling to her legs and bum rather well, showing off all her curves.

June Palmer – A Tight View!

It’s always nice when you come back from holiday and find a disc full of new June images waiting for you in the post! That’s what happened on my return this week, when I opened my post and found two new sets of June from John W from some 35 mm negatives.

The first set and the above black and white image features a young June posing in just tights on what seems to be castle battlements. There are 12 shots to this set, and I’m pretty sure that I’ve seen colour shots from this same set, as I’m sure the tights are purple?