Double Barrelled Pat!

Pat Ebden from the pages of Ahoy magazine, photographed by Russell Gay. Pat looks stunning in the shot in her black panties and stockings, but I’m not quite sure what’s going on with her and that double barrelled shotgun she seems to be hugging?


Pat’s Lack of a Party Dress!

Pat Ebden featuring on a page in the Venus Films Catalogue (P22) by Russell Gay. It advertises the glamour film No.41 ‘Pat’s Party Dress’ in either 8 mm (50ft) or 16 mm (100ft) for the buyer’s viewing pleasure. Although from the production stills above it doesn’t seem to involve much of a party dress!

Enjoy and I do like the shot of Pat with the strategically placed heart and members can now watch this film here 🙂

The Phenomenal Pat Ebden

I’ve pretty much posted everything I have on this phenomenal beauty, as there really doesn’t seem to be much around of Pat. It seems nearly of her stuff was taken by and published in magazines by Russell Gay, including this shot that appeared in Amber No.59. This is the only shot I have from that magazine, so I suppose there could be more of her, but alas I have no more!

If anyone has any decent images of Pat they would like to share here, please do let me know? Here is what I have posted to date, with just a few shots yet to post. 😦

Pat’s Perfect Pose (Xmas Calendar)

The Perfect Pat Ebden looking absolutely gorgeous as she drops her dress to reveal a stunning combination of black low cut bra, corset and black stockings. This is the second shot of three that I have from this set of Pat, with the other two, including this one, showing Pat in the same outfit kneeling on the bed smoking. A perfect pose from Pat!

The Perfect Pose From Pat!


Needed my fix of Pat Ebden and what better way to get it than with this shot! Posing with Posing with one knee up on a stool giving us a fine view of her stockinged leg, as well as her magnificent tits, this should keep me going for a while. I do love a big busted woman in stockings, a big weakness of mine!

An Impressive Bush From Carla!

These 2 shots are from restored 35mm slides, that were again originally colour but so badly faded I converted them to black and white. Both shots are of a model named ‘Carla’ on the slides, but I have no doubt that this is also Pat Ebden showing us a lot more than usually seen with her! A sneak peak of her in the top shot, then full on bush in the bottom shot although a little blurry! 
To validate my reasoning that it is Pat Ebden, look at this shot of Pat & Tina Madison, same bed but different background and looking at Pat I would say taken at roughly the same time? I prefer the top shot and pose, just showing us a glimpse of something we shouldn’t see 🙂

Pat Ebden – ELF Magazine

Pat Ebden and her magnificent tits from the pages of ELF Magazine in the early 1960s. It seems that she may also have modelled under the name ‘Carla’, but I’ve yet to find out any other information other than two 35 mm slides of her with that name. If anyone has any other info or shots of her, or magazines she appeared in?

Tina Madison & Pat Ebden – Room For One More?


Damn! Pat Ebden and Tina Madison posing on the bed together, with Pat mid removal of her panties, does it get any better! I love it when the models team up for a shoot and this is no exception.  Two wonderful big busted, curvy models in the same shot, I’m sure there’s room for one more?
Never enough of Pat Ebden to go around 🙂