Ravishing Rochelle! (1950’s)



Rochelle Lofting by Harrison Marks from a 5½ by 3½ Glossy Print that was advertised in The Harrison Marks Glamour guide. There were several sets of Rochelle on offer for sale, but this shot came from set No.243 on page 11. This set of 5 prints has Rochelle posing naked on a leopardskin rug with the striped curtains in the background.

A Lofty View of Rochelle (Original)





Two restored shots from original prints of Rochelle Lofting from the 1950’s. These come from a set of four prints of Rochelle sent over by Oxxbridge Galleries and having an educated guess I’d say these look like Harrison Marks shots, but I’m not 100% certain? These two shots also show her pretty prominent smallpox vaccination scar on her upper arm.


Note: This is an original image and subject to this copyright notice.

A Red Rochelle! (Original)



Another original scan from Jeff B and one from his Harrison Marks ‘Pamar’ set of 8 colour slides.  This features a cracking view of Rochelle Lofting and her might fine assets and as you can see the quality of the slide is exceptional and needed very little doing to it, other than removing some dust and marks.

Thanks to Jeff for all of these scans and he’s actually put these Harrison Marks slides up for sale on eBay if anyone is interested.  You can find these plus his other listings under the username j44land, so go take a look if interested.

Rochelle Lofting – That's Some Cleavage!

Rochelle Lofting showing off her very ample bosom from the pages of Kamera Special No.1 (1957). Her huge bosom is obviously exaggerated by her waist being pulled in by what looks to be an overly tight belt around her waist. Still this shot still gives me the urge to bury my head between those two magnificent mounds!

In Black & White – Parade No.1198 (1962)

The double Tri-coloured page from Parade No.1198 (24th November, 1962) featuring some lovely ladies in black and white underwear.  My personal favourites are of course Sophia Dawn in white, but also Rochelle Lofting in that black number!  From my own scan of the magazine with colours restored and the odd blemish removed 🙂