In Black & White – Parade No.1198 (1962)

The double Tri-coloured page from Parade No.1198 (24th November, 1962) featuring some lovely ladies in black and white underwear.  My personal favourites are of course Sophia Dawn in white, but also Rochelle Lofting in that black number!  From my own scan of the magazine with colours restored and the odd blemish removed 🙂

2 thoughts on “In Black & White – Parade No.1198 (1962)

  1. Parade really was a schoolboy's best friend, back in the days when I was that schoolboy. Relatively inexpensive,and packed with semi-clad, good-looking girls, and the newsagent near school would sell it to us. I remember one of our masters confiscating a copy from me – I bet the old bugger took it home.If only I had known then what a priceless asset that magazine would become.David


  2. Yeah they haven't fared well over the years and because they were weekly tended to get thrown away. The bulk load I just got all seem in relatively good condition as they came from an old newsagents backroom 🙂


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