Smooth & Slender Curves

An original shot of an unknown model taken by Harrison Marks in the studio showing off her fabulous body. I love the smoothness of her body and the way the light reflects off it, showing all the bumps and curves of her slender body. At first I thought this was Marina Jones, but I’m not so sure, as she tended to have a natural pussy rather than shaven. Plus there is a model that looks very similar to her in body shape and tits size, so think this is her?

A Well Oiled View!

A jump to the late 1970s or early 80s with this oiled up beauty. Taken from an original negative, what a cracking shot with so much to see. A beautiful curvy model in black stockings and corset with big oiled tits pushing a bottle of baby oil between them, wow! Love this shot. 😉

Wanda Liddell – All That Shines!

Wanda Liddell from a restored 35mm colour slide and part of a small set I have of Wanda on this very shiny set!

Lots going on in this shot of Wanda from her wig to the black PVC outfit and pink contrasting négligée, or you may be distracted by her figure, thick pussy or silver background, but all with a great smile. What I noticed in this shot and others is she also had a nasty scar going down from her belly button stopping just above her pubic area, with it more noticeable in some shots?

Kamera Calendar, November 1966/2022

A slow start to the month, but continuing my monthly posts of images from the 1966/2022 Kamera calendar. November features a stunning unknown model posing on the bed. Fantastic body and some nice perky nipples being shown off. 🙂

1960’s Bathing Beauty

A stunning 1960s unknown beauty in the bath from a set of 6 original 6 by 4 prints sent over by John from Oxxbridge Galleries. I’ll post the full set shortly, but this alluring model looks so familiar, but I cannot name her at all. I think it’s a US model, but I keep thinking I’ve seen her in UK Films or TV back in the 1960s, like ‘Carry on’ films of James Bond. Anyone knows who she is and can put me out of my misery?

Regardless of who she is, it’s a stunning shot of her in the bath and the colours restored really well. I also have 2 other sets of her, one alone and one modelling with another equally attractive nude model. It’s a tough job going through all these nude images, but someone has to do it. 🙂

Unknown Ebony Curves by Harrison Marks

A stunning shot of an unknown ebony model by Harrison Marks. What a fabulous curvy figure she has as she leans forward for the camera and one of the few ebony models that GHM used in the 1960s along with Sylvia Bayo, Veronica Diemen and a few others. 🙂

Although this is a scan direct from the negative, the actual image appeared in Kamera No.47 P10 (1963). There were also 3 other images of this model published in the same edition, of which I have 1 other negative.

More Than Just The Roses Are Out!

The beautiful Jane Steadman giving us a flash out in the garden. A very sunny shot taken in the gardens of Ewhurst Manor by Harrison Marks. I love the way Jane is posing with her shirt open and her small pert tits poking out. 🙂

Members can view and download a larger image here

A Ripping Unknown Model


Another new unknown model from a set of 35 mm negatives sent over by Paul from Firebird Records. In this small set, she’s posing topless in a pair of tight jeans that seem to be ripping at the seams. Another that I have no idea on name, although she’s very appealing to the eye with a great pair of tits with puffy nipples. Also, another model that likes to wear a headband similar to Eva Nieman, not sure if she’s wearing a wig though?

There are several sets of this model, including 3 of this set that members can see in the models’ gallery. I’ve also added her to the unknown models’ gallery, should anyone come up with a name for this beauty?

Caught Red Handed!

A beautiful unknown model by Harrison marks posing on the Alley Set. No idea who she is, but she looks familiar, and what a fabulous figure on show.

It’s a fair cop! Caught naked in an alley with no excuse, keep those hands where we can see them until you’ve been frisked and body searched. 😉