Wanda Liddell – All That Shines!

Wanda Liddell from a restored 35mm colour slide and part of a small set I have of Wanda on this very shiny set!

Lots going on in this shot of Wanda from her wig to the black PVC outfit and pink contrasting négligée, or you may be distracted by her figure, thick pussy or silver background, but all with a great smile. What I noticed in this shot and others is she also had a nasty scar going down from her belly button stopping just above her pubic area, with it more noticeable in some shots?

Wicked Wanda! (Original)

Another shot of Wanda Liddell without her wig from a set of photo’s taken by Harrison Marks. A rather delicious view of her figure to start the week off too 🙂


Wanda Liddell – Highlighted Parts

Another shot of Wanda Liddell by Harrison Marks from this set of her, highlighting what she has on offer and wearing the well-worn and well-used long open négligée! Not that she needs to highlight what she has on offer, as it’s fairly obvious. 🙂

Wanda With Plenty To Offer

Time for another Harrison Marks model from the late 1960s. This time Wanda Liddell offering up a nice pert pair of tits, but with plenty on offer below as well and wearing the well-worn and well-used long open négligée!

Wanda Liddell – A Sunny View, But Who? (1970’s)

A very natural looking model posing in a big floppy sun hat and sunglasses and not a lot else! I have several 35 mm slides of this model posing on this set on a red sun lounger that you can just see in the shot.  I’ve seen other shots out there, but not in very good condition and this shot along with others comes from Paul over at Firebird Records, but does anyone know who she is? Fabulous figure and thick lush bush, not sure about the hat though and that may also be a wig!

Update: Thanks to many people, I’ve now identified this model as Wanda Liddell, also known as Samantha Earle or Betty Bell. She also appeared in countless Toco publications such a Spick and Spick & Span and appeared on the cover of Span No.248 (April 1975), Spick No.250, No.254, No.262, No.272, Spick & Span Extra No.56 (Autumn 1975) and No.61 (Winter 1976). She sure loved her wigs in all of them!