Yvette Windsor – The Girl Downstairs!

Another beautiful shot of 1960s UK model Yvette Windsor from a medium format negative by Harrison Marks. Magnificent figure and tits, and showing off her hairy pussy too. She also posed for Leslie Bainbridge, but in those she’s shaven, as all models posing for Bainbridge were!

Until recently, I was unaware that she had even posed for Harrison Marks. But now I’ve found several negatives of her, plus identified her in a three of his 8 mm loop films from the late 1960s, early 70s. This still I believe comes from the Maximus film ‘Demonstration Model’ or ‘The Girl Upstairs’, as both feature the bathroom shown above. I also have a still by GHM from ‘Ticket to Ride’ where she is posing fully shaven.

The films I’ve identified Yvette in so far and have copies are:

Ticket to RideTicket Warden stripped and photographed by a photographer and his naked assistant that looks like Jayne Tracy!Maximus FilmBlack & White200ft 14m 48s
Demonstration ModelHousewife being shown and demonstrated on with a massagerMaximus FilmBlack & White200ft 14m 48s
The Girl UpstairsGirlfriend of guy who helps and plays with the girl upstairs (Peta Gareth)Maximus FilmBlack & White130ft
9m 37s

All at Sea with June!

A stunning shot of June Palmer posing nude and wet! Taken by Arthur Howell in some sunny location on holiday, with June looking delicious as she stands there in the sea. I know I need cooling off after seeing this view of June. 🙂

Paula's Buoyancy Aids!

A very blonde looking Paula Page posing on the side of Harrison Marks’ motorboat ‘Pyewacket’. It looked like a lovely day for messing about in the water and Paula looks to be using those big tits of hers as great buoyancy aids.

I would say another still taken at the same time they filmed the black and white 8mm Glamour film No.104 ‘Nautical Nudes’

Hose Me Down, Hanna!

The magnificent Hanna Viek giving herself a good hosing down! From a small set of 8 images of Hanna taken in the mid 1970s posing outdoors against a colourful blue backdrop.

A great set of her as she cools her naked body down using water from a hose. The shots start up top, but the hose surely enough ends up at a lower level, which members get to see! Definitely a later 1970s set of shots and poses than those glamour shots we see from the 1960s. I can’t make my mind up if this is trying to cool you down or hot things up! 😉

Venetia Day – My Kind of Black Friday!

A new solo image of Venetia Day by Terry Sparks. This time a full frontal shot of her as she poses thigh deep in the sea off Rhodes, with the sun glistening off her wet body and a hint in the shadows of her dark thick bush! A scan from one of 3 sets of contact sheets of Venetia I’ve recently acquired, so I now have plenty more to come.

It seems fitting to do a post of Venetia today as it is Black Friday soon (boom boom!) Not quite what they meant or very politically correct, but then I prefer my Black Friday to the madness out there!

Breda’s Perfect Bottom!

A delicious colour view of Breda Challen (Veronica Ronnis) in the bath and showing off that perfect bottom, taken by Terry Sparks. I love this view of Breda and that delicious wet white bottom as she bends over in the bath and looks over her shoulder. Great wood panelling and pink wallpaper as well!

This photo was taken by Terry on July 26th 1971 and this was published in Knave Vol.4 No.4 (1972) by Galaxy Publications, which was one of Russell Gay’s magazines.

A Quick Dip with Pamela!

A shot of Pamela Green by Harrison Marks, taken in 1959. Posing on his boat the Pyewacket probably down on the Thames near Maidenhead. A shot straight from the negative, showing Pam climb back aboard after a quick dip.

Well it’s that time of year, so time for my summer break for a few weeks as I hopefully head to France. Things will of course go quiet for a few weeks on here, but hopefully back refreshed sometime in August! 🙂

Linda Schmidt – Swimming Pool Perfection!

A big busted favourite from the 1970s, Linda Schmidt, from my own collection of contact sheets. This is from a set of Linda posing and playing on an inflatable in the swimming pool, and was taken by Howard Roark in California. A fabulous girl with a fabulous set of tits on her.

I think we all need cooling-off today!

A Cooling Spread!

Another great photo by Leslie Bainbridge of an unknown model. Sat in a sunny rock pool completely naked and showing off every detail of her body. From the small hard nipples down to the smooth pussy and lips. I’ll just leave it at that and allow everyone to just enjoy this cooling view! 🙂