Yvette Windsor – The Girl Downstairs!

Another beautiful shot of 1960s UK model Yvette Windsor from a medium format negative by Harrison Marks. Magnificent figure and tits, and showing off her hairy pussy too. She also posed for Leslie Bainbridge, but in those she’s shaven, as all models posing for Bainbridge were!

Until recently, I was unaware that she had even posed for Harrison Marks. But now I’ve found several negatives of her, plus identified her in a three of his 8 mm loop films from the late 1960s, early 70s. This still I believe comes from the Maximus film ‘Demonstration Model’ or ‘The Girl Upstairs’, as both feature the bathroom shown above. I also have a still by GHM from ‘Ticket to Ride’ where she is posing fully shaven.

The films I’ve identified Yvette in so far and have copies are:

Ticket to RideTicket Warden stripped and photographed by a photographer and his naked assistant that looks like Jayne Tracy!Maximus FilmBlack & White200ft 14m 48s
Demonstration ModelHousewife being shown and demonstrated on with a massagerMaximus FilmBlack & White200ft 14m 48s
The Girl UpstairsGirlfriend of guy who helps and plays with the girl upstairs (Peta Gareth)Maximus FilmBlack & White130ft
9m 37s

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