Vicky Ashley by Terry Sparks (1969)

I love this shot for multiple reasons, one it’s an original taken by Terry Sparks, two Vicky Ashley is a new model to me, I’ve never come across and three it’s taken at Ewhurst! Finally, I’m a sucker for a redhead with a nice pair of tits!

This shot along with two others I’ve been sent were all taken by Terry around the grounds of Ewhurst on the 10th June 1969. Terry has said it was the last time he used Ewhurst as a location, as after that he tended to favour Walden Manor in later years of his career.  I love seeing this shot in colour, as you don’t see many of Ewhurst in colour, plus I love the funky trouser suit Vicky is wearing, very 1960s! Oh, and of course enjoyable figure and boobs!

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