Veronica’s View

The second of two shots from original negatives I own of Veronica Diemen from the 1971 Harrison Marks glamour film ‘Tailor Made’. I had no idea when I published the first image here who the model was, because at first glance it wasn’t obvious that it was Veronica. Thanks to new member Arty, he pointed out it could in fact be Veronica Diemen in the film and images, which is a fantastic find and spot, so thanks Arty! To back this up and prove it is in fact Veronica, you will see that she has a scar on her right-hand side that she is partially covering with her hand. If you look at any of the other published shots of Veronica throughout her career, you will always see that she either uses her hand to cover the scar or wears belts to cover it, not obvious unless you look.

So, another model identified that worked with GHM on one of his glamour films and a good excuse for me to dig out some more Veronica Diemen shots!

2 thoughts on “Veronica’s View

  1. Awesomeness! You do realize how rare this photo (and the other one) right?!
    thanks for the mention 🙂
    If you can find more pictures or info about her please let me know.


    1. I doubt they are that rare and when I bought them it was just a couple of Harrison Marks negatives of a cracking black girl. Now we know it’s Veronica it probably makes them a bit more valuable, but don’t tell the person that sold them to me as he might have more! I’ll have to ask him 🙂


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