Clyda Rosen – ‘Die Lollos’ 8mm Film Cover

Something slightly different now with the front  and rear cover image from the box of the 8 mm adult film ‘Die Lollos’ by Harrison Marks. This adult loop film (Insiders Film No.47) was from the mid 1970s and featured the unforgettable Clyda Rosen in all her bushy hardcore glory!

As mentioned in previous Clyda posts, I have a digitized copy of  Die Lollos,  in which Clyda attempts to smuggle pornography through British customs.  In the softcore version (Unaccustomed As I Am), Clyda is stopped and strip searched by a male customs officer. In this hardcore version, the customs officer is female (Jacki Rigby), who gives Clyda a thorough strip search and examination, with Clyda returning the favour!

Sorry, couldn’t resist a bit of Clyda!

3 thoughts on “Clyda Rosen – ‘Die Lollos’ 8mm Film Cover

  1. One of the controversial things about this film was some thought that the male Custom Officer, as shown in the photo, was actually John Cleese !

    Glad to say it ISN’T him !!


    1. Yes, I’ve seen those discussions as well and you can see the similarities in the actor and John Cleese, but as you say not him!


  2. Hi,
    yes, No – the customs officer is NOT Jackie Rigby – Jackie is in the Film of films that the male with Clyda, She is the blonde one who gets all the Action…


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