Cats Cradle featuring Rona Scott (Video)

Time for a new film and this time an early Harrison Marks film featuring Rona Scott in Cat’s Cradle.

At just under 4 minutes, Cat’s Cradle isn’t very long, but is very simple in that it features Rona on the Loft Set doing a strip before going to bed, before being further interrupted by a cat. Very much an early striptease and titillation 8 mm film, but you do get to see glimpses of Rona’s fabulous body as she strips and those magnificent tits! This was the second film published by Harrison Marks under the Kamera Cine Films label and as titled HM.002 Cat’s Cradle.

Members can enjoy the film here 🙂

Diane Unretouched (Video)

Time for the anticipated 8 mm glamour film No. E300 – ‘Diane Unretouched’ by Harrison Marks. The images above are scanned from the box itself, but the quality isn’t that good, but I’ve tried to restore it. Diane to those that know is actually popular GHM model Nicky Stevens posing on the well-used bedroom set.

The film itself is classed as an unretouched, which basically means it’s not censored. That all sounds rather exciting, but what it actually meant was a little less camera work for GHM, as he could film Nicky without trying to avoid showing her whole body in shot, including the lower region.

This is one of 3 versions of the film. There was also a European version via Ekstase Films titled, ‘Diane und das buch’ or ‘Diane and the book’ and a colour version published under Fletcher Follies FF18 titled ‘Hot Cherry’. All essentially the same film, but for different markets.

I have a copy of all 3 versions that will eventually be viewed in the members section.

Favourites of the Pharaohs Leaflet (1966)

I love finding memorabilia connected to Harrison Marks and others, be it postcards, prints, magazine articles and catalogues. In this case it’s a 4-page leaflet advertising four Kamera Cine Films under the heading Favourites of the Pharaohs, featuring 6 models, although I’ve counted more! From top left going clockwise, the films and models are:

Episode 1, No.77 – The Bath, featuring Tina McGowan and Danielle Denise
Episode 2, No.78 – The Dance, featuring Danielle Denise, Penny Winters and Laya
Episode 3, No.79 – The Slave Market, featuring Hyldagarde (Hilde Beck)
Episode 4, No.80 – The Mummy, featuring Teri Martine and Tina McGowan

The special offer of an exclusive colour film of Sanda is of course Sandra Cassano. A fabulous colour leaflet to add to my growing collection of vintage catalogues.

Clyda Rosen – ‘Die Autogrammstunde – Teil 1 & 2′

You can’t beat a bit of Clyda Rosen in all her bushy hardcore glory! The front and rear cover image from the box of the 8mm adult film ‘Die Autogrammstunde – Teil 2’  or The Autograph Signing – Part 2 by Harrison Marks.

This adult loop film (Ekstase-Film No.6) was from the mid 1970’s and featured Clyda Rosen, a blonde model and `Big` John English and Paul Kirby in all out hardcore action! As the title states this was part 2, as the film was split into two 60 meter loops and I have both parts. It’s again produced in German, but let’s face it you don’t need subtitles or to understand German to know what’s going on! I have also included the front and rear cover of part 1 below, which features a much more explicit cover than the one featuring Clyda. I must also get round to digging out both films and posting the actual action itself 😉

Thanks must also go to Adult Loop Database for the image of the part 1 box and some of the information, as they have an extensive listing of all Harrison Marks films, from his early glamour loops all the way through to his hardcore stuff such as this 🙂

Clyda Rosen – ‘Die Lollos’ 8mm Film Cover

Something slightly different now with the front  and rear cover image from the box of the 8 mm adult film ‘Die Lollos’ by Harrison Marks. This adult loop film (Insiders Film No.47) was from the mid 1970s and featured the unforgettable Clyda Rosen in all her bushy hardcore glory!

As mentioned in previous Clyda posts, I have a digitized copy of  Die Lollos,  in which Clyda attempts to smuggle pornography through British customs.  In the softcore version (Unaccustomed As I Am), Clyda is stopped and strip searched by a male customs officer. In this hardcore version, the customs officer is female (Jacki Rigby), who gives Clyda a thorough strip search and examination, with Clyda returning the favour!

Sorry, couldn’t resist a bit of Clyda!

June Palmer as Calamity June (Original)



Thanks to JAS, who sent through this brilliant scan of June from the box image of the 8mm cine film of ‘Calamity June’. This was by Arthur Howell under the Strobe Films banner and was Strobe Films No.1 and the colour 8mm version. JAS also sent through a complete scan of the box as well, but it needs some tidying up, so will post that later, but I wanted to share the image now. A superb shot of Junr in cowboy hat and gun holster, but be careful you don’t shoot too soon 😉