Diane Unretouched (Video)

Time for the anticipated 8 mm glamour film No. E300 – ‘Diane Unretouched’ by Harrison Marks. The images above are scanned from the box itself, but the quality isn’t that good, but I’ve tried to restore it. Diane to those that know is actually popular GHM model Nicky Stevens posing on the well-used bedroom set.

The film itself is classed as an unretouched, which basically means it’s not censored. That all sounds rather exciting, but what it actually meant was a little less camera work for GHM, as he could film Nicky without trying to avoid showing her whole body in shot, including the lower region.

This is one of 3 versions of the film. There was also a European version via Ekstase Films titled, ‘Diane und das buch’ or ‘Diane and the book’ and a colour version published under Fletcher Follies FF18 titled ‘Hot Cherry’. All essentially the same film, but for different markets.

I have a copy of all 3 versions that will eventually be viewed in the members section.

2 thoughts on “Diane Unretouched (Video)

  1. Have ýou noticed something strange here? In this video, and the coloured version, Nicky sits on the chair to the L/H/S of the bed. In other versions, she sits on the chair to the R/H/S.
    Thank you enormously for this. Looking forward to seeing your two other versions.
    Lastly, why the wording right across the hidden area of Nicky ? An uncensored photo, if you please !
    Huge huge thanks – Dave


    1. Glad you like the flims and yes as soon as I get chance I’ll post the other versions. As to the watermark, that’s the benefit of being a member. No watermark and larger downloadable version to enjoy. Just click on the image to get access 🙂


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