Nicky Stevens – A Blinding View!

A naked Nicky Stevens by Harrison Marks on the shopfront set from the mid 1960s. Here we have Nicky seductively chewing on a carrot in pigtails! Carrots are supposedly good for your eyesight, but nothing wrong with this view of her, as she’s showing off as much as you ever see of her body.

4 thoughts on “Nicky Stevens – A Blinding View!

  1. I had a gf about the same age who posed in the mid 60s but as I recall her pictures had to be censored to be published. Would that be the reason Nicky has a bald pussy? Not quite sure what she is doing with that carrot.


    1. In the early 1960s a guy I had been at school with went to work at a large print works in London. He always claimed that his job involved the use of an airbrush which he used to enhance the muscles on the bodybuilding adverts (remember the little bloke who used to get sand kicked in his face?) and to remove the pubic hair on the nude pictures. He certainly seemed to enjoy it.


  2. In reply to JAZZFAN, wasn’t it Pamela Green who did the air brushing ? Lots of GHM models depilated to prevent this., gorgeous Nicky just being one of them.


  3. I think David Marshall is correct in that Pamela Green did the airbrushing for GHM models, but the outfit my friend Terry worked for had lots of adult publishers as customers. The sixties was a riot of depilation and airbrushing. Hardly a pubic hair in sight!


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