Ann Austin – Avec Plaisir No.5 Cover

Ann Austin on the cover of Avec Plaisir No.5 from the early 1960s on the familiar loft set wearing dangly earrings once worn by Julie. I’m not too sure what’s in the glass, but I don’t think I’d drink it, as it looks like some kind of witches brew!

4 thoughts on “Ann Austin – Avec Plaisir No.5 Cover

  1. I remember this picture raising some debate several years ago as to who this model was. If you have the full magazine it should provide closure as to it being Ann Austin, but do remember someone suggesting it was one of the many unknowns GHM used in his films. Would like to know for definite either way though ?


    1. Unfortunately the only Harrison Marks image used in this magazine was on the cover, but didn’t think it was in any doubt that it was Ann? I do have several other shots (black and white) of Ann taken on the same set, with records and same hairstyle, but no earrings. I would say it is Ann 🙂


  2. There must be some of his models, or people connected to his organisation out there who could answer loads of our questions. I live in hope !


    1. I’m sure there must be Phil, but I’ve yet to come across any that knew about what went on in detail. We can live in hope as you say 🙂


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