Ann Austin – A Witches Brew! (Original)

There was some debate going on over the image I posted of the Avec Plaisir No.5 cover and if the model was actually Ann Austin. I wasn’t aware there was any doubt, as I immediately recognized it as Ann, but to confirm, here is the original 35 mm Pamar slide of the same shot sent over by Kevin. I’ve also had it confirmed, by an avid Ann collector, that it is indeed Ann. The only outstanding question being why is this the only shot we’ve found of Ann posing with this glass, and where are the other shots, if there are any?

One thing that no one seems to know, though, is what happened to Ann, as she seems to have disappeared after her modelling career and is she still with us today? Anyone else know?

3 thoughts on “Ann Austin – A Witches Brew! (Original)

  1. Rightly or wrongly I did read and it was suggested that this pic was taken from a film still, which then opened up the debate to that if this information was correct, then which film was it. Another point that was that, if the previous was correct did Ann Austin appear in any of GHM’s films ???


    1. I’m not aware of any GHM films that Ann appeared in, including his Kamera Cine films and films produced later on through Maximus, so I’d put this down to a one of shot. If I were to have a guess I’d say this was taken at the same time as the images of Ann that appeared in Kamera No.22, also on the loft set!


  2. Which is entirely my point, as to the best of my knowledge she never appeared in any. So if the film still theory was or is correct ( open to speculation I know ), then it wouldn’t be her. Have just looked at 22 and yes it is on that set, but so many others were pictured on that set as well. Anyway, I made my point and don’t want to get into a long drawn out spat, rightly or probably wrongly


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