Gee Whiz – A Huge Ponderous Pair! (Original)



A very well endowed young lady pondering life as she poses for the camera! This shot comes from an original 6 x 4 photo from the 1960’s generously sent over by Scott, along with a few other stunning prints. That sure is a magnificent pair of tits, along with those big dark areolae!

I have no idea who took the photo of this magnificent pair or who the model is? The back of the photo only has some copyright information about not reproducing it more than once and a New York telephone number, which doesn’t help much! Anyone shed any light on the model?

Update: Thanks to Roop for identifying the model as 1950’s US burlesque queen ‘Gee Whiz’ (Mary Glisson) and had a fifty inch bust!


6 thoughts on “Gee Whiz – A Huge Ponderous Pair! (Original)

  1. This is Miss Margaret 44″ Middleton, a bosomy goddess who posed nude in the 50s and 60s. She did a couple of films with the likes of Miss Honey Bee, Miss Paula Page and Miss Virginia Bell, amongst others, and of course featured in Harrison Marks publications – a true goddess!


    1. Thanks Gorpur. I’ve published many shots of Margaret Middleton, but this doesn’t actually look like her, which is why I was questioning who it was. I admit the two have very big chests, just not convinced this is MM 🙂


  2. If it’s a US model I’m wondering if it’s a lassie called ‘gee whizz’ – looks quite similar, chest and face . . .


    1. Spot on Roop that’s her! I have several images of Gee Whiz now you mention it and it sure looks like her 🙂 You obviously have an eye for the big breasted ladies Roop 😉


      1. well, yes . . . But that era has a number of special attractions – Julie Williams, Joan Brinkman of course, and one I’ve only recently come across (who also does a number of raunchy videos of the same era), Lee Germaine


      2. Funny you should mention Lee Germaine, as I’ve just come across some originals of her in my collection. I must try and edit them and get them posted 🙂


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