Zigrinda – Nice Hat Revisited! (Original)


Revisiting one of GHM’s one name models, Zigrinda from page 2 of Kamera No.87 (1968), but this version is from the actual medium format negative that I have in my collection. She only appeared for GHM in Kamera No.87 and the glamour film ‘Zigrinda, Britain’s Top Stripper’. I originally posted a scan from the Kamera magazine of this shot here, but this shot is much much clearer, although it doesn’t improve the dodgy hat 🙂

1960’s, 1968, Blonde, Harrison Marks, Hat, High Heels, Kamera, Kamera No.87, Medium Format Negative, Original, Original Negative, P2, Push Up Bra, Stockings, Vintage, Vintage Pinup 1960’s, Vintage Tits, Zigrinda

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