Barbara Halks – More Eastern Promise!

Another stunning shot of Barbara Halks taken on the set of ‘Eastern Exchange’ by Harrison Marks. Leaning across a pouf we get a great view of her figure and a hint of hairy pussy. I love that chain belt as it adds a certain something to the overall shot, giving it a slave like quality. 🙂

19 thoughts on “Barbara Halks – More Eastern Promise!

  1. What you might call a “chain reaction”. Or would be if searching for the end of the chain…

    Thanks for the photo Wonder.


  2. Another fabulously bodied young woman, and you are right about the chain belt. April has started well, hasn’t it?


  3. A real “pocket venus” only around 5 feet tall, shorter even that the diminutive June Palmer, but golly doesn’t she make up for it…

    Give yourselves a treat, leaf through the link photos.


    1. I do and you are right, although she always had slightly longer hair. I always remember her in the Golden Voyage of Sinbad and as a James Bond fan in The Spy Who Loved me 🙂


      1. Ah Omigosh, that whooshing sound is your comment going over everybody’s head. I just checked my small collection of Caroline Munro pics, and there she is looking gorgeous, advertising lamb’s navy rum.

        I guess she was the pinup & wet dream for a generation of teens, the eye candy and bikini girl in all those monster movies. I wonder how many more would remember her if they saw her face.


  4. @Minolta, yes as you say perfectly proportioned in someone so vertically challenged. Often it results in long bodies with very short legs or the opposite, but not so Barbara Halks. JP was another, but between you and me in my opinion June’s legs were never her best feature (we all know what was). GHM was a master at photographing June in long shots from low level that de-emphasied her lack of leg length.

    I really think that BH remains my favourite all time GHM model.


  5. For 2 Barbara Halks videos, log in to & search Softcore Nudes 517 50s and 60s Scene 2. There are also some other Harrison Marks videos including (I think) one of Ann Walker and definitely one of Marge Middleton.


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