Yours From Patti Petite (Vintage Catalogue)

Now for something a bit different, a new vintage catalogue. This catalogue from the 1960s comes from Patti Petite Ltd, who specialized in underwear and lingerie of a sexy nature. It also features some well known glamour models posing in different outfits, such as June Palmer, Jayne Tracy and Gwen Ford.

I love some names for the outfits.  My favourites are Glam Queen, Almost Sinful and Delightful Nonsense. Thanks to Paul from Firebird Records for sending over this great catalogue featuring some of our favourite models.

5 thoughts on “Yours From Patti Petite (Vintage Catalogue)

  1. A girdle for a young woman! Many a lads’ dream fell foul of those bl**dy girdles! The catalogue is a reminder the 60s didn’t start to ‘swing’ until 1966!


  2. The first time I met my now wife she was wearing a girdle, which baffled me. Since then she only wears them when I ask her to. But there was something magical about sliding a hand up under a skirt over nylons to find something even silkier, the inner thigh and what lay above… I have never been an underwear freak and these catalogues remind us, as Billboard says, that the 1960s began in the 1970s for most of us.


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