Maxine Miller – Illuminating View! (Original)


A beautiful shot of Maxine Miller sat in the window at Ewhurst Manor. It comes from a contact sheet of 11 images of Maxine posing in a slip sat by the window. A very illuminating shot of Maxine showing off one nice round boob by the window. I Also love the way the covered nipple of her other boob is highlighted through the material.

Thanks to Kevin for this contact sheet set and one of the best sets I’ve seen of Maxine.

9 thoughts on “Maxine Miller – Illuminating View! (Original)

    1. Modern photographers and models could learn a lot from this wonderful shot about pose, light, tease and general presentation.


      1. A great picture and I agree with everything already said about it but one thing puzzles me. Now, I know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder but the tabs below have this labelled” small tits” . If that is the case then surely anyone labelled as having large tits would have constant need for a chiropractor or even be at risk of falling flat on her face!
        Are you sure you are not being a bit greedy Wonder?


  1. Very nice plump model – great shot whoever was the photographer – that window sure got used a lot – even by HM


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