Maria’s Odd Stance! (Original)


A beautiful studio shot of Maria Clarence by Harrison Marks, but what a strange position! I can’t decide if she’s stood leaning back or kneeling. The creases at her waist do suggest she is leaning back and it does help highlight her figure. Just a very odd stance 🙂

7 thoughts on “Maria’s Odd Stance! (Original)

  1. You’re right. It’s odd. He must have tilted the camera, and even the crease under her right breast looks as if it owes more to gravity than it should if she had been standing up. The effect is of the kind of figurehead of a sailing ship that we’d all have liked to see.


  2. Maria features quite extensively on the site, sometimes looking really attractive- like here- sometimes less so. This is one of the few unretouched ones . The pose is odd but it does nicely accentuate the shaven curves.


  3. The most logical, but daft(!) explanation for this stance is that she is wearing ‘clown shoes’ – that’s why we can’t see her feet!


  4. Snap Billboard. I was going to venture to suggest that it is an almost impossible balancing act unless she is wearing clown shoes. So as already suggested the camera was inclined or the negative was “leaned” at the processing stage.


  5. got a couple of HM negs and the odd 35mm that when scanned i thought were the right way up – then take a gander at them and whoops – what the hell was he doing !


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