Fantastic Franni

Another shot by Terry Sparks from my collection of his contact sheets featuring Franni Leigh, who has already appeared on this site several times before here. I love this pose from Franni topless in black panties, a superb view.

As already explained, Franni wasn’t her real name and beneath that wig she was actually fashion model Polly Eltes. She worked for the likes of David Bailey and others, with this being one of her few full nude modelling assignments. Today she has come full circle and has become a successful photographer behind the camera, working for interiors and lifestyle magazines.

Thanks as always to Terry for the fabulous insights into his time behind the camera with these models.

Members can view and download a larger image here

One thought on “Fantastic Franni

  1. She had a wonderful body quite wasted as a fashion model and shown to perfection on the beach at Pegwell bay – in my opinion. Well done Terry.
    Not my kind of thing but I’m surprised by her courage in the poses for Paul Raymond etc. very avant guarde even for that time of liberation when shows like “Hair” were causing such excitement.


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